The Jaw-Dropping System of The Bookkeeper Who Can Charge CFO Rates

Here is a career-defining question for experienced bookkeepers who despite completing years of bookkeeper training, still don’t have a sustainable business

Become a CFO Bookkeeper Now

What’s the ONLY difference between a proven, stress-free CFO skill set which allows you to confidently bill $200-300 an hour…

…and one which has the size of your waistline blowing up as you stress-eat.

Sitting all day working for pennies in front of your computer in your messy house.

Guilt-ridden for yelling at your kids too much…

Feeling like a total failure as your financial prospects seem as bleak as the second act of a particularly dark Netflix show?

If you guessed “reading an inspirational book on entrepreneurship”…you’d be wrong.

If you guessed “an accounting course”…you’d be wrong.

if you guessed “a marketing course for bookkeepers”…you’d still be wrong.

Because while all these things have their place…

They’re only part of the equation.

Unless you’ve BUILT UP your skill set to solve C-suite-level problems.

Offering high ROI services..

 Leaving  business owners with a strong “whooaa…look at all the money she’s making me” impression…

The income and career you’re working tirelessly to make a reality…

Will at best come at the expense of your health and family.

At worst, be oppressively suffocating as you fail to keep your head above water trying to desperately survive a total financial and mental drowning.

We’ve Reached a CRISIS in Plummeting Bookkeeper Rates

(…and it’s NOT your fault)


Look, most people start their freelance bookkeeping career this way:

You started this whole freelance bookkeeping gig with a full cup of coffee and an even fuller tank of “OMG I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!” motivation.

You’ve devoured books like “Business Boutique”, “Bookkeeping All-In-One For Dummies”, “The Bookkeeping Side Hustle Guidebook”.

You even gave the “Toilet-Paper Entrepreneur” a read.

Invested in expensive coursework and certifications offered by the usual players (QuickBooks Online, Bookkeeper Business Launch, etc.).

Seeing the extra investment as something which will “pay itself off in the future” once you’ve mastered the hacks all the gurus online are trying to sell you.

Immersing yourself in Bookkeeper groups on social media to compile as many tips and tricks to take your bookkeeping business to the next level.

You, then, cued up a productivity music playlist and got to work.

You were prepared to change your family’s life.

Primed to make the transformation which will have people jealous of your thriving lifestyle

Instead of being full of shame at having to hide from them that you are basically living paycheck to paycheck.

But things haven’t quite worked out this way.

With All That Committed Effort..

 That Daily Grind...

Too Many People Fall By The Wayside


In a moment, I’m going to show you how to FINALLY get the upper hand on the market forces keeping you down.

But first, a few important things you need to wrap your mind around.

Become a CFO Bookkeeper Now

The 3 Reasons You’re Still Stuck With a Chronic Case CHEAP ACCOUNTANT SYNDROME

(and how to snap out of it right now)

Reason #1: Client’s Think Anyone Can Do Your Job

The hard truth is the average U.S. bookkeeper is making around $21 an hour.

Whereas the average CFO is likely making $200-500 per hour.

Market dynamics are a lot like dating…

If your romantic partner is taking you to fancy restaurants and fun trips…

It’s a good indication your date is into you.

If your “significant other” has the resources but is still very stingy with you…

It’s a strong indication keeping you around isn’t his top priority.

A lot of clients have this expectation that a bookkeeper is only able to do the most basic tasks…

Like data entry, and a few bank recs…

But for half the price, of course!

A lot of other clients see bookkeepers as a commodity that anyone can provide.

Which is why, in the course of several caffeine-filled hours chasing after clients, you probably got a variation of these confidence-sapping responses:

“Your rate is WHAT? HAHA, But you’re only a bookkeeper!”


“Why should I pay you to do something that I can get for free from a family member?”

or this little doozy

“'It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?”

I’m not exaggerating when I say the average bookkeeper is making the same as a lot  of janitors.

But you are not a janitor…

You probably spent thousands in order to have the knowledge and skills to do the job.

Janitors aren’t expected to make that kind of investment…

It hurts to realize the laws of supply and demand got you in this situation…

But  it’s great to know you can use those same “laws” to get yourself out!

What you need:

The competence-based confidence to charge higher rates.

We’re not just talking up to $200-$300 an hour

We also want you to quit billing by the hour altogether…

And do value based billing where you can earn the highest rates.

Based on a specific set of highly desired, real-world accounting and CFO Level skills.

With a super clear “first do this, then do that” sales strategy.

Reason #2: Lack of Letters Behind Your Name Makes You Feel Like a Fraud

Listen, we all wish we did things differently if we had a time machine.

We all learned hard lessons from when we feel like we screwed up in the past…

Not continuing undergraduate or graduate school might be one of them…

Perhaps you’re not the type of person who was too excited to get into crippling student debt.

Whatever the case might be, it doesn’t change the fact that…

The absence of degrees and letters behind your name really gets to you most days.

The fact remains there are plenty of successful people in this business without any formal education.

 We all know plenty of people with an alphabet soup after their name…

 CPA, CFO, EA, MBA, PhD, etc…

That you wouldn’t trust to safely cross a street.

 Much less manage anyone’s finances!

At the end of the day, an education is only useful to the extent it can help you solve real-world problems and provide real value to your clients..

If you are solving a big enough problem for a big enough market, you're practically guaranteed a level of success.

As a bookkeeper, you’re already serving a big enough market.

Now all you need to do is to solve BIGGER problems for this market.

What you need:

A laser-focused education that will allow you to solve big problems clients are willing to pay big bucks for..

But which won’t force you to make the hair-whitening, wallet-reducing commitment of a graduate degree or CPA certification.

Reason #3: The Market is Full of Stiff Competition

A more connected world has many benefits but is not so good for your bookkeeping career.

The bookkeeping profession is being eaten up by all sorts of entities…

The “Big 4” (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers)…

Middle-tier CPA firms…

CFOs with expensive graduate degrees and certifications…

Bookkeepers in East Asia and India who are willing to work for such low prices…

Some as little as $2 an hour…

That they might as well be paid in rice!

I could go on but you get the idea…

If that wasn’t bad enough…

There is also  a real issue that a lot of office workers here in the West are being made redundant.

A lot of these side-hustlers feel bookkeeping is something they could pick up in order to financially survive.

The market is so saturated, these side-gig folks cut their fees to a loss.

Offering services beyond their skills in a desperate bid to get clients.

So is it any surprise you are making so little when you are put in an environment like this?

Competing by cutting your prices won’t increase you in anything except stress and anxiety.

What you need:

To differentiate yourself from what everyone else is doing.

By adding REAL value to business owners.

Who will see you as a genuine strategic partner deserving of high-rates…

Instead of “just another bookkeeper.”

The Good News Is…

Growing a Profitable Bookkeeping Business is Easier than Ever


If you made it this far, you ALREADY know offering higher-value services to eager entrepreneurs and CEOs is critical to the success of you and your business.

No need to remind you of that...

But maybe you didn’t know that by structuring your bookkeeping business using the Launch-Secure-Deliver CFO Method I’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:

Have a solid foundation in fiscal management through my 60 Day “Real World MBA” in Accounting.

Quickly attract and onboard high-quality clients WITHOUT spending endless hours trying to be a digital marketer.

Enjoy a boost in revenue by smoothly meeting clients’ financial management needs through uniquely cultivated skill sets INCLUDING tax planning.

Attract higher-visibility CEOs and entrepreneurs to your business that can help you grow your brand even faster.

Possess a powerful and proven blueprint containing all the standard operating procedures and tools you need to generate revenue quickly.

Continuously grow as a high-priced  expert with consistent access to mentorship from a seasoned, award-winning CPA & CFO executive.

Answer with confidence when potential clients ask you: “What’s your rate?”

Yes, these results are totally within reach for you and your business (whether you’re starting from scratch or hitting the reset button for the 27th time)…

But they DO depend on taking a methodical, step-by-step process.

One which leverages only the most proven, and up-to-date financial management and sales strategies while cutting away all those deadweight shiny objects that are constantly pulling your progress down like an anchor.

One which has been my secret weapon for helping create and grow 4 companies with exits over $20 million without any super complicated Matrix stuff that takes a team of CPAs and marketing experts to pull off.


One which can be the only realistic way to get to a future where you can open TripAdvisor  to see which vacation destination you can possibly  stay at for the next month while you work remotely with  a handful of high-paying CEOs  to secure an even more charming future for yourself.


And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my FULLY UPGRADED CFO Bookkeeper system

Who The Heck Am I To Tell You This?

Hi there!

Andrew Hunzicker here.

And when I’m not rock climbing with my wife and 3 kids or playing with my small poodle, Ozzy …

I run educational and mentorship programs that have worked behind the scenes teaching over 700 Bookkeepers, CPAs, CFOs, and CEOs in all 50 states how to confidently command higher rates  by upgrading their talent stack…

I was the winner of the 1995 Gold Medal Award for the highest score on the CPA exam and also runner-up for the 2017 CFO of the Year Award in the State of Oregon…

I’ve  also worked in the “Big 4” accounting firms and been CFO of many successful companies.

You might also have heard of me in the national press as the founder of Dope CFO, a training program which teaches accountants how to profitably grow (no pun intended) in the cannabis niche.

My latest program is specifically for Bookkeepers.

We are not:

A “how to be a bookkeeper” school.

A “marketing for accountants” school.

“Overpriced “let me tell you what to do but not how to do it” business gurus

We are hardcore executive career development strategists and next-level accounting specialists that pull you out of the cold, suffocating waters those other folks left you to drown in…

And if you allow me to do it, here’s where I plan on taking you and your business:


CFO Bookkeeper


CFO Bookkeeper is the most-cutting edge, “what’s working now” career growth system  fully engineered to give bookkeepers the most powerful CFO tools, skills, and strategies  to charge 5 - 20x what the average bookkeeper is charging with less clients and less stress.

I’ve invested the last several years working in the trenches with your fellow freelance bookkeepers:

  • Bookkeepers who’ve suffered too long having to live with a ton of clients paying them  a low hourly rate and working their butts off providing simple services
  • Bookkeepers tired of wasting precious time and energy, getting overwhelmed with outdated methods which may have worked in 1999.
  • Bookkeepers who despite taking course after course have failed to get paid decent rates in a market they KNOW is profitable.
  • Bookkeepers who, despite the temporary setbacks, recognize there’s still no getting around this “adding real value to clients” thing, and are therefore still motivated-as-heck to finally achieve the growth and traction they know they need…

What Clients are Saying


Launch-Secure-Deliver CFO Method

An easy-to-follow and gives you a crystal clear *can’t fail* blueprint for predictably transforming, growing, and scaling your bookkeeping business.

Launch: Activating Your CFO Bookkeeping Foundation



This is where you’ll create a bullet proof foundation for transforming yourself into a CFO Bookkeeper with total clarity and confidence.

CFO Bookkeepers are not cookie cutter copies of each other. Each CFO Bookkeeper needs to know what their firm is about, what their firm is NOT about, and who they are serving. 

If you don’t have a methodical, proven process to create and launch you’re UNIQUE strategy…

You will at worst implode.

At best, look like everyone else. 

Without laying the foundations for deepening your accounting knowledge and how it fits in the metabolism of a business, you won’t be able to be that expert consultant you need to be to make the big bucks.

By the time you’re finished with “Launch”, you’ll have laid the groundwork for building a firm which attracts only the highest-quality CEOs.

Producing a CLEAR return on effort.

Here’s how we’ll get you there:
  • What is a CFO Bookkeeper? : I provide you clear, point-by-point reasons why a CFO Bookkeeper would be able to command higher rates by adding higher value WITHOUT needing an advanced degree, while at the same time knowing exactly what claims NOT to make to avoid any legal trouble.
  • Welcome and First Steps: You’ll get a treasure trove of proven tools to help launch your transformation into a CFO Bookkeeper in an organized, methodical way with minimal headache. Also, I walk you through an active case study for how you can be a valuable financial coach to a business owner by asking specific and penetrating questions to solve their problems. 
  • “Real World” Accounting Education: A targeted education in how transactions flow through the Accounting System. These won't focus on "debits or credits" of  bookkeeping, but what these pieces of the puzzle mean from a value-delivery sense and will lay the foundation for genuine  CFO-level understanding which will be built in later modules.
  • Team: If you want to scale, you have to learn how to delegate effectivelyYou’ll learn how to put the  resources in place which you can draw on if you ever choose to scale or just want to outsource something you don’t want to do personally.
  • Niche Considerations: I’ve learned from hard experience that not  all niches are created equal, so you’ll get  Niche Selection tools that will help you avoid any hidden landmines.
  • Firm Representations: You’ll know  exactly how to represent your firm in the best way possible without getting in  trouble for false advertising.

Secure: Accelerate Finding and Obtaining High-Quality Clients




You’ve set down your firm’s foundation and have a crystal clear path to grow your unique brand in the way you’ve dreamed of.

Now, we have reached the part where most bookkeepers fall flat on their face. Many of us get stuck working "in” our business" and never get to work "on” our business because we get so overwhelmed trying to hunt for clients. Without the right sales and marketing strategy, we fall into a vicious cycle of offering to do free work and chasing people endlessly.

Here’s where you’ll add some serious muscle to your client portfolio.

While leveraging a set of *little known* sales strategies to  find the best clients for your business.

Getting them to raise their hands to work with you WITHOUT compromising on your rates or wasting your time.

  • How to Find CEOs: A detailed, multi-pronged plan to find high-quality Business Owners using proven inbound AND outbound marketing tactics. You are  never hungry  trying to find  high-paying clients again
  • Email to CEO: Everything you need including copy and attachments related to sending out an  email to CEOs which might result in a call booked on your calendar. This will show your "difference" compared to your competition and begin to make clear to the CEO why you cost more than other accountants.
  •  Offer to CEO: Leverage our Offer Letter system that is Value based which has worked for many of my student bookkeepers and can work for you.
  • CFO Bookkeeper Value Chain: A deep dive into a new tool called the  “CFO Bookkeeper Value Chain”, which shows in detail what all CEOs want, why they want it, and the specific solutions  which you as a CFO Bookkeeper can offer to  meet those hidden needs. Solidify, without a shadow of a doubt in the minds of business owners that you are not an ordinary bookkeeper because you offer the full suite of CFO style services which is why the higher rates you are charging are unquestionably justified.

Deliver: Amplifying Your Results with Executive-Level Accounting and Strategic Skill Stacks



So this is where things get fun--real fun.

You’ve set your foundation.

 You’ve grown your sales muscles.

You’re now ready to take things to a whole new level with the hottest accounting and business development skills which have made a lot of money for many of the experts you look up to.

The main reason you’re struggling to differentiate yourself is because it’s impossible to convince business owners that the super basic bookkeeping tasks you have been doing…

 Like data entry, reconciliations and QB printouts…

 Are somehow “different” than what the MILLIONS of other bookkeepers doing the exact same thing are offering.

Here’s the upgrade you’ll soon be implementing to escape all of that:
  • Client Communications: A detailed plan on how to maintain mutually beneficial and respectful communication with the client. Effective communication is arguably the most important skill in business. Having a solid communication strategy will give you all the comforts of working from home while minimizing the headache. 
  • Chart of Accounts (COA) Files: Minimize your risk by avoiding common pitfalls related to COAs. I give you practical guidance on COA considerations and software.
  • Onboard Clients: It’s very IMPORTANT for your professional reputation to start engagement on the right foot, so I teach you step-by-step strategies to bulletproof your onboarding process AND make Cleanup a simple process.
  • Clean Up Steps: Get paid extra for all this work and don’t leave money on the table. Join me as I take you through a deep dive into Clean Up to get to a point where you are confident with the balance sheet/P&L numbers and can "transfer" those numbers to a clean cut-off point. Follow my strategy, and your clean up fee can be billed ON TOP of your monthly fee.  And best of all, I’ll show you how to make this process more efficient and actually get what you need from your client!
  • Entity Issues: Transform into a valued financial consultant as opposed to just another bookkeeper. Learn little-known tricks to add major value to your CEO through entity optimization.
  • Day to Day Steps: It took me around 25 years to refine these workflows. Learn them in one session to save yourself time and money.
  • Month end Steps: Gain competitive advantage for yourself and add huge value to the CEO so he or she will be ready for audit, investors, or lenders when the time comes. Here, you’ll understand at an extremely deep end-to-end level, the entire process flow for month end which most bookkeepers don’t know about, while building a “Permanent Audit Trail” that adds huge value to your clients while making your work bulletproof and more efficient.
  • End of Month Reporting: All the tools and tactics you need to walk the CEO through our entire work-paper structure (and Perpetual Data Room) so they can visually see how financials are tied backwards all the way through your documents and to the source documents.  You’ll also learn how to make your Reporting much more robust with Rolling Cash Forecasts, KPIs, Benchmarking and other “Value-Add” reports that your competition simply can’t provide.
  • Strategic Planning: Give your CEO another “wait, there’s more!?!” moment and continue to show you are a valuable consultant by helping your CEO answer key strategic questions related to their business. Get access to a whopping 20 tools related to Lease vs. Buy decisions, startup capital models, and even retirement ideas to help your client in developing their business. 
  • Marketing Support: Help your CEO with marketing through tracking techniques I’ll share with you to ensure they are getting a high ROI for their ad spend. What other bookkeepers do your clients know that can do this? Not many, I suspect!
  • Tax Planning: Lets face it: Tax prep work is complex and doesn’t pay well. Tax planning, on the other hand, is a service CEOs are willing to pay handsomely for. Luckily, I’m here to give you guidance including 14 tools to make tax planning simple and painless.
  • Let’s “Nerd Out” A Little Bit: Add MASSIVE value, (value your completion is likely not providing) to any business through the treasure chest of Internal Controls, Accounting Policies & Procedures Checklists. Also level-up your game by getting acquainted with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) tips and resources I’ll share with you.

CFO Bookkeeper VIP Community


The “Never Be Alone Again” VIP Community

That’s the promise I’m making you with the robust CFO Bookkeeper VIP Community.

The knowledge, systems, and tools you’ll get from the CFO Bookkeeper program will put you head and shoulders above everyone.

But we completely understand people need a support group to navigate the constantly shifting currents of the marketplace.

Lack of mentorship should NEVER be a frustrating bottleneck when getting into unique niches and dealing with demanding clients.

So to make sure you are 100% confident implementing everything you’ve learned inside the CFO Bookkeeper Program, I’ve come up with a system to provide you with  regular support (free for 30 days, then just $79/month):

 Here is the result:

  • Access to the rest of the elite CFO Bookkeeper community where you can learn from your peers, tax and accounting experts and myself.
  • Bi-weekly Q&A calls where you can ask me questions. If life gets in the way and you can’t attend a live call, no worries, all our calls are recorded and easily accessible.

When You Add It All Up, The Education, The Tools, Systems, Workpapers, Community, & Team,

That’s A Value of Over $15,000…


But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the CFO Bookkeeper family, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll at your special promo price of just $2,997!  (community membership/coaching is normally $79/month, but we will give you a free 30 days PLUS $59 rate for life!)

CFO Bookkeeper


Special Promo Price!

  • Knowledge:  A 60 Day “Real World MBA” in Accounting and how you can add More Value to your CEOs and Prospects Right Now
  • Tools, Processes, & Systems: Immediately "plug and play" ready: Every single thing you need to upgrade your accounting and bookkeeping services today, to add "CFO Level" services to your clients and earn higher fees.
  • Our exact, proven, simple 4 part Marketing System for finding and closing high paying clients
  • CFO Coach:  online coaching and mentoring from a Nationally Renowned, Award Winning CPA/CFO, where I’ll help make sure you get your questions answered!
  • Access to Premier Private Community which includes your peers, experts, Q&A, special deals and more

Questions your fellow bookkeepers asked before saying "yes" to CFO Bookkeeper

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