The 4 Keys to Building a 100% Remote Bookkeeping Practice

remote accounting firm Apr 09, 2021

Being your own boss, working your own hours, hand-picking your clients and your rates, taking actual vacations and spending more time with your family… this is the dream, right?

For many bookkeepers and accountants, working remotely is a reality that has breathed energy back into the passion they feel for their work and their life. It takes hard work and dedication to sustain your own remote bookkeeping practice, but countless remote or virtual bookkeepers and accountants agree that the rewards are well worth the effort. 

Although the path to establishing a remote practice is full of challenges, the steps are fairly simple. Four main keys contribute to you taking the leap from working for your corporate job to working for yourself. Your understanding of these keys begins here. 

Maximize Your “VIP” From Day One

At CFO Bookkeeper, we use “VIP” to refer to “Valuable Expert, Instructor, Participant.” When you’re a VIP CFO...

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4 Simple Steps to Building a Pricing Model (and Getting Paid What You’re Worth)

bookkeeping Feb 19, 2021

Properly quoting (and collecting) accounting fees can be an overwhelming hurdle for many bookkeepers, especially those just opening up their own practice. If you don’t have a pricing system in place, you run the risk of undercutting your value and inviting potential clients to hire a cheaper (or automated) option. 

Fortunately, that overwhelm you may be feeling can be easily dissolved with a few tips and reassessment of your value. Learning how to package your services, create clear offers to reflect your value, and develop a system for charging appropriately for cleanup, onboarding, and ongoing work will enable you to confidently set your prices and find clients who will happily pay it.

How to Properly Package and Price Your Bookkeeping Services

1. Take Control and Own the Value of Your Work

Position yourself as an elite service provider from the very beginning of your relationship with all prospective clients. Your responsibility will be to lead the client through the...

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