Two CFO-Level Accounting Tools to Add Value to Your Accounting Services

Increase Your Value and Boost Your Services with Two CFO-Level Accounting Tools

As technology develops at breakneck speeds, some companies are under the impression that bookkeepers are no longer relevant, or that they are no longer able to provide valuable services. You may face potential clients who turn you down because they feel a bookkeeper is a “low level” position, or try to make you offer “á la carte” services to compliment their automated solutions. Either way, you might be struggling to get consistent work or charge the higher fees that you’ve been wanting.

Thankfully, bookkeeping is far from irrelevant -- you just need to learn to adapt as the industry changes. Yes, automations can crunch numbers, but there is so much more to providing accounting services than calculations. As a bookkeeper, you’re able to offer something that is so much more valuable to your clients than anything a computer ever could provide: an indispensable,...

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